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The Specials - Custom-made dashboards

Our range of dashboard designs normally satisfies the demands of most of the Morgan enthusiasts. However, sometimes we are asked to go one step further by a client approaching us with some very personal ideas about a dashboard for his Morgan. With a background of more than 17 years of experience there is almost no question we cannot answer about Morgan dashboards. Try us!
If you think of a dashboard conversion on your car, the selection of custom-made dashboards below might inspire you either to further individualize one of our standard MK dashboards or even create your own dashbaord design. We will surely be able to make your ideas become reality and perhaps we can introduce also "your Special" on this website soon!


Morgan +4, 2007

A british Morgan enthusiast supplied us with the detailed drawing of this dashboard, featuring not only the attractive MIG clock but also an outside temperature meter, both matching the existing ivory-faced set of factory dials. Being an electronics engineer he was capable to modify a regular Smiths gauge into an outside temperatur meter.
The ivory faces for both the new gauge and the MIG clock where made by a local specialist.


Morgan +8, 1987

Another fine example of a dashboard equipped with the MIG aircraft clock. The american owner wished a custom-made set of ivory instrument dials not only for the factory Smiths instruments but also for the MIG clock. A piece of art - even the small hands and the controls of the clock are lovingly painted in car's body colour "Tudor Red" by a miniaturist! Additionally, MK supplied matching ivory switch levers, a special face for the MK classic light switch and a starter button in the same ivory tone.
This dashboard project took more than a year to be completed but efforts where finally rewarded by a "Best of Show Award" at the 2008 MoGWest meeting in California - much to the delight of the proud owner ... and MK, too!


Morgan 4-STR Roadster, 2007

Much in difference to most of our clients, the owner of this new 4-STR wanted to keep the factory pushbutton/warning light panel but combined with a MIG aircraft clock on a MK dashboard. The black standard switch front panel was replaced by a walnut veneered panel which was placed in a bigger leather-covered center plate holding the MIG clock as well as tacho and speedometer - all in all an attractive mixture of leather and walnut veneer. The exceptional starter button originates from a Honda S 2000, the Union Jack badge was supplied by the owner.
This dashboard design finally led to the development of MK dashboard Version 4 for models from 2003 - 8/2007.


Morgan 4/4, 2006

A body-coloured dashboard is a stylish alternative to the usual veneered dashboards, especially on cars with a light colour like the pictured 4/4 of 2006. The 2-tone finish in ivory over green wings with matching green interior gives the car a very classic look. The ivory-painted dashboard (MK Version 2) with matching green leather switch panels adds perfectly well. The car appears to be out of the 30s - hard to believe it is a new vehicule...


Morgan +4, 2010

This dashboard for a current Morgan model was made reflecting the requirements of a swiss customer who wanted to replace the factory 3-in-1 dial by a set of 4 separate dials of the former dashboard series combined with a central MIG clock. The recessed switch plate features the MK classic ligth switch, chromed pull/push switches and the factory controles for heater fan and heater valve. The unique arrangement of warning lights, map reading light and starter button on driver's side was also the idea of the owner.
The classic 4-spoke steering wheel and conversion of steering stalk switches is a perfect match to this attractive dashboard.