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About MK

Some history - the MK Story

Founding his own company in 1986, Matthias Kauffelt started with restoration of top-level antique furniture. Being proud owner of a fine Jaguar MKII and a classic car enthusiast in general Matthias Kauffelt started to become interest in restoration of interior wood trim of classic motor-cars and decided to develop a second line of business.

After 2 years of building up sufficient knowledge and experience MK was ready to offer this service in the german classic car scene in 1988. There where only a few specialists around in this field and as business developed very well MK decided to leave the antique furniture business and concentrate fully on classic car wood trim restorations.

In 1990 his wife fell in love with a MORGAN +8 of 1984. Although being happy with his Jaguar he could not refuse and bought it for her. At that time he could not imagine what would develop from this decision...

The MORGAN was a pleasure to drive but it had the simple black leather-covered factory dashboard - not all that stylish to the owner's opinion. So a new dashboard was designed and made in the own workshop. The result was shown around at various MORGAN meetings and it did not take long until first dashboard enquiries came in - the beginning of the MK Story.

Meanwhile more than 2500 dashboard conversions have been supplied to MORGAN enthusiasts not only in Germany but all over the world - thanks to the World Wide Web. In spite of these development every new order is still treated as something special. It starts with extensive consultancy and ends with a product made exactly to the client's requirements.

Apart from the MORGAN dashboard activities MK has also become a well-known adress for first-class wood trim restorations for Mercedes Benz and other classic motor-cars.

Have fun with navigating through this webpages. We will be happy to answer all your questions regarding MORGAN dashboards and wood trim restorations for classic motor-cars. We look forward to your phone call or email.