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Interior accessories

Center armrest consoles

Console, standard version Console for reclining sports seats Console for new 4-STR 2007 onwards

More storage space for your Morgan

Storage space on a Morgan is limited. The MK center armrest consoles offer that extra storage space at the open front and below the padded armrest. Furthermore it is a welcome support when getting in and out of the car.
Mk consoles are available for all Morgan models from 1977 (5-speed gearbox) onwards. Due to the seat's width, the padded armrest on consoles for cars with reclining sports seats (2004 onw.) as well as for the new 4-STR (2007 onw.) is hinged at the front end.

Console 2-STR € 530,-
Console for 4-STR, 2007 onw. € 580,-

Prices in Euro, excluding VAT and carriage


NEW! Steering stalk switch conversions

Replaces the standard grey plastic stalk switches of all long door cars from 1997 onwards up to latest models. However, the intermittend wiper function is not available anymore with this conversion. The unit fits to the factory plastic steering cowl. Looks perfect with optional MK steering cowls like shown on photo below.
Note: for technical reasons the "click" identification of the switch positions is softer than with the plastic levers but one gets used to it in practise without problems.

Stalk switch module, polished s/s levers, black leather gaitors (coloured gaitors on request). Photo shows stalk unit in combination with our MK steering column cowls.
Please note: The MK steering cowls are an optional extra, NOT included to the MK stalks!

Steering stalk module, polished lever knobs, leather gaitors, on exchange € 320,-

Prices in Euro, excluding VAT and carriage


Moto-Lita wood rim steering wheels and accessories

Moto Lita steering wheels, MK gearknobs long or round shape MK s/s steering column cover, st. boss cover, horn push Reworking of steering wheels to dashboard tone
Set of MK steering colomn cowls MK steering column cowls installed

Moto Lita wood rim steering wheel, 14", holes or small slots, 3 spokes € 220,-
Moto Lita steering boss, standard black wrinkle finish € 135,-
Moto Lita steering boss, polished Aluminium € 198,-
MK steering center plate, Aluminium engraved € 74,-
Mk s/s steering boss cover, models 9/97 onw. € 55,45
MK horn push assembly, models 98/97 onw. € 134,50
MK s/s steering column cowl, models 9/97 onw. € 139,50
MK lower steering column cowl, alloy/leather € 38,00

Reworking of steering wheel to dashboard tone

Standard Moto Lita wood rim st.wheels are usually too light in colour when used in combination with an MK dashboard and its expressive veneer colour. To match MK dashboards the original acrylic finish is stripped-off and st.wheels are fine-sanded, stained, primered and coated with the same perfect polyester finish like every MK dashboard.

Reworking of steering wheel ................................................................. € 130,00

Prices in Euro, excluding VAT and carriage