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Electrical accessories

Switch control module

MK Switch control module + switch conversion panel

All Morgan models from 2004 onwards are equipped with an electronic switch module controlling the functions of the push button switches and LED warning light unit.
This module has to be modified to accept classic toggle switches, including a new warning light harness. The modified Mk exchange module makes a dashboard or switch panel conversion an easy task - it is just to be plugged to the system. The original unit is returned to us and will be modified for the next project.

MK Switch control module (exchange unit) ...................................... € 295,-
Price in Euro, excluding VAT and carriage


Switches, warning lights

Standard Lucas toggle switches Metal switches Chromed push/pull switches Ivory toggle switch levers, switch lettering
MK Classic light switch assembly Lucas toggle switches, Starter button Warning lights LED warning lights

Price list

MK Classic light switch assembly (4 parts) € 164,85
Lucas toggle switch OFF/ON E 24,50
Lucas toggle switch OFF/ON/ON € 34,15
Warning light € 8,70
MK LED warning light € 12,70
Starter button, Jaguar MKII, S-Type € 41,50
Metall switch OFF/ON € 16,50
Metal switch OFF/ON/ON € 22,50
Pull/push switch, chromed OFF/ON € 18,50
Pull/push switch, chromed, OFF/ON/ON € 23,50
Clock, VDO/Motometer, chrome bezel € 120,-
Toggle switch levers "Ivory", set of 4 pcs. € 40,-
Switch lettering, for 4 switches € 40,-

Prices in Euro, excluding VAT and carriage